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Natural Colours & Colouring Foodstuffs

KF Specialty Ingredients offer a wide range of natural colours and colouring foodstuffs from Overseal Natural Ingredients. Overseal, a Naturex Company, have been naturally enhancing colour in food and drink for over 30 years. For more information visit the Naturex website

Powders, liquids, emulsions, suspensions and blends are all availabe.

Colours Naturally Derived

Carminic Acid E120
Carmine E120
Copper Chlorophyll(in) E141
Carbon Black E153
Titanium Dioxide E171
Caramel E150(b), E150(c), E150(d)

Colour formulations using colouring pigments produced by nature which have been subsequently modified by further processing.

Natural Colours Plus

Curcumin E100
Lutein E161
Natural Carotenes E160 (a)i
Annatto E160 (b)
Paprika E160 (c)
Lycopene E160 (d)
Beetroot E162
Anthocyanins E163
Chlorophyll E140
Caramelised Sugar Syrup E150 (a)

Natural Colouring Foodstuffs

Red Fruit Concentrates
Elderberries, Aronia (Chokeberry), Blueberry, Hibiscus and Blackcurrent
Black Carrot
Red Cabbage
Caramelised Sugar Syrup

Natural Colour formulations using colouring pigments produced by nature

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